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Amsterdam-Amstelland Safety Region

The Netherlands is divided into 25 safety regions. Within these regions, the municipalities, fire brigade, police, medical services and Public Prosecutor work together on safety in the event of major emergencies. The Amsterdam-Amstelland safety region comprises the municipalities of Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn.

Within a safety region, municipalities and emergency services work together to control risks as much as possible and to provide rapid and appropriate assistance in the event of an emergency. The safety region is managed by the safety region board, which comprises the mayors of all the municipalities in the region.

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Amsterdam-Amstelland Amstelveen Fire brigade

Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade, part of the Amsterdam-Amstelland safety region, comprises six forces: Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Diemen, Ouder-Amstel and Uithoorn. The force, numbering about 1,100 personnel, responds effectively to fires and accidents, but is also prepared to act in the event of emergencies and to control major crisis situations.

The Amstelveen fire brigade is part of Amsterdam-Amstelland fire brigade. Its fire station on Oranjebaan is home to two fire engines, an access platform, an emergency assistance vehicle and a special vehicle for water-related accidents. Professional personnel respond to emergencies, but volunteer personnel can also be called on. In addition to its professional and volunteer force, Amstelveen also has a youth fire brigade.

Fire station: Oranjebaan 1, 1183 NN Amstelveen
Telephone: emergency: 112
Non-emergencies: (020) 621 21 21
Fire station: (020) 555 66 66 

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Amsterdam-Amstelland Southern District Police Force

The Amsterdam-Amstelland police force comprises about 6,000 police officers, who are divided into five districts and 32 local area teams. Each local area team covers a number of areas. Although the police force is a large organization, this means that there are always police officers close at hand, so they know what is going on in the local area. Each local area has a local area director. The local area director has a control and advisory task and works closely with inhabitants and other bodies. The local area director has an extensive network in the local area.

In Amstelveen, the police work out of two police stations: on Gerard Doulaan and Zetterij.

North Amstelveen Police Station
Gerard Doulaan 2, 1181 WS Amstelveen

South Amstelveen Police Station
Zetterij 6, 1185 ZZ Amstelveen

Telephone for emergencies: 112
Non-emergencies and reporting of incidents by telephone: (0900) 88 44

Anonymous crime reporting phone line: (0800) 70 00 

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Municipality of Amstelveen

The Municipality of Amstelveen is also a major partner in crisis control. During an emergency or crisis, the mayor will direct and coordinate the emergency services. The Public Order and Safety department of the Municipality of Amstelveen supports the mayor in this. Municipal services are very important to helping with issues such as information, accommodation and care of those affected or who have been made homeless and their registration. Regional resources and personnel are used to this end.

Town hall visiting address: Laan Nieuwer Amstel 1, 1182 JR Amstelveen
Postal address: Municipality of Amstelveen, P.O. Box 4, 1180 BA Amstelveen
Telephone: (020) 540 49 11 Fax: (020) 540 45 59

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Ambulance services / GGD / GHOR

In the event of a crisis or emergency in Amsterdam-Amstelland, the Medical Emergency Services in the Region (GHOR) is tasked with the coordination, supervision and direction of the medical emergency services.

Amsterdam-Amstelland Regional Ambulance Service
The Amsterdam-Amstelland Regional Ambulance Service is one of the largest in the Netherlands. The service has a large number of vehicles at its disposal. The ambulance service is supervised by the ambulance service incident room. In 2009 in Amstelveen, ambulances were deployed 3,027 times to provide emergency care. Ambulances are supposed to be at the scene of the accident within 15 minutes of receiving the report.

GHOR Amsterdam-Amstelland
In Amsterdam-Amstelland, GHOR is tasked with the coordination, supervision and direction of medical emergency services. GHOR has a major coordinating role in particular in the event of major accidents and emergencies.

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